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Pablo Escobar Tour in Colombia

Pablo Escobar Tour in Colombia

Do you even need a reason to sign up for a Pablo Escobar tour?

We’ve all heard the stories and are all familiar with the culture behind Pablo Escobar. But do we know the truth?

Our Pablo Escobar Tour Medellin is an educational 3-hour tour that takes you all around the city. You’ll visit his properties, see the house where he was gunned down by the Colombian government (with the help from the CIA), and visit his grave.

All of this with the help of a local guide who lived during these dark times and knows a thing or two about the Escobar days. This tour will show you that there is more than meets the eye and that Narcos isn’t a good source to get all of your information. Get the best of both worlds with our Pablo Escobar Tour Medellin.

However, after months of planning, Medellin’s mayor changed the scene. On February 22nd, 2019, Federico Gutierrez (Medellin’s then-mayor) ordered one of Pablo Escobar’s most famous properties (Monaco Building) demolished. The mayor and city have been outraged because of the many Narcos lovers that desecrate these places and one even went as far as to record himself consuming drugs right off of Escobar’s tombstone.

This harbored resentment from locals who want the Pablo Escobar Tours in Medellin gone. Our tour is historical, unbiased, and raw. So please be respectful of the sites we visit.

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