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As a leading travel agency, Colombia Visits is passionate about introducing travelers to the vibrant street food scene of Colombia, a pivotal aspect of the nation's culture. Let's delve into some must-try dishes that form the heart of Colombian street cuisine.


A staple in Colombian diets, arepas are versatile corn cakes that can be grilled, baked, or fried, offering a delicious taste of tradition.


These crispy, fried pastries are filled with meat, potatoes, and spices. Empanadas are the perfect on-the-go snack for any traveler.


A delightful cheese bread, pandebono is a warm, gluten-free option best enjoyed fresh from the oven of a street vendor.


While known globally, the Colombian version of churros often comes filled with dulce de leche, making them irresistibly sweet treats.


These cheese-flavored dough balls, fried to golden perfection, are a popular breakfast item and holiday treat.


This dish involves slow-roasting a whole pig stuffed with rice, peas, and spices for hours, commonly found during festivals and celebrations.

Best Cities in Colombia for Street Food

Colombia offers diverse culinary hotspots, each providing unique flavors and dishes. Here are the top cities for street food enthusiasts:


This coastal city boasts an array of seafood-inspired street fare, alongside traditional sweets and fried snacks.


The capital city is a melting pot of regional cuisines, offering everything from hearty soups to innovative fusion street food.


Medellin's mild climate is perfect for enjoying outdoor food markets that showcase the rich agricultural produce of the region.


Known for its salsa dancing, Cali also offers a tasty selection of Afro-Colombian street foods, with an emphasis on tropical flavors.

Traditional Colombian Street Food Markets

Exploring traditional markets is a must for foodies. Places like Paloquemao in Bogota and Plaza de Mercado in Medellin offer an authentic glimpse into the local cuisine and culture, where fresh ingredients meet traditional recipes.

Colombian Street Food Culture

Street food is not just about sustenance; it's a way of life in Colombia. From vendors who have perfected their craft over generations, to the bustling markets that serve as communal hubs, street food represents the heart and soul of Colombian culinary tradition.

Importance of Street Food in Colombian Cuisine

It's a reflection of Colombia's rich history and diverse cultures, offering an accessible taste of the nation's heritage to everyone.

Street Food Vendors in Colombia

These artisans take pride in their offerings, with recipes passed down through families, each vendor has a story to tell through their dishes.

Street Food Etiquette in Colombia

Engaging with vendors, showing appreciation for their craft, and being open to trying new dishes are all part of the street food experience in Colombia.

Unique Colombian Street Food Dishes

Beyond the classics, there are unique dishes that epitomize the innovation and diversity of Colombian street food.


Though more commonly found in restaurants, this hearty potato and chicken soup symbolizes Colombian comfort food.

Lomo al trapo

A unique method of cooking beef wrapped in cloth, creating a smoky, tender delicacy often showcased in street food festivals.

Mote de queso

This coastal soup made with yam and cheese highlights the Afro-Colombian influence on the country's cuisine.

Street Food Safety in Colombia

While street food in Colombia is generally safe to eat, we recommend choosing vendors that display a high level of hygiene, have a high turnover of fresh produce, and come recommended by locals or fellow travelers.

At Colombia Visits, our mission extends beyond showcasing Colombia’s scenic beauty; we aim to immerse our clients in the rich culinary landscape of this wonderful country. From bustling city streets to serene coastal towns, the flavors of Colombia await to enchant your palate and enrich your travel experience.

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