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Boston Company Outing Venue

Boston Company Outing VenueAre you looking for a great Boston company outing venue? The Boston Conference Center is the perfect location for that. Enjoy a wide range of activities like team building exercises, training sessions, barbecue, clambake, and others in our fully equipped facility for 375 people. Some of the amenities that you can use are the giant covered pavilion, lodge building, and the state of the art sound system.

More and more companies are now hopping on the team building bandwagon and with good reason. These kinds of activities definitely serve as a breather for employees, especially if they are stuck in the city. What's more, outings are tax deductible. A good Boston company outing venue is usually held outside the city centre, near the beach or on the countryside. Here are just some of the many other reasons why company outings are worth the investment.
Recharging - According to research, overall productivity is recharged during outings. Being out of the office in a more laidback setting relaxes the brain and promotes creativity. It keeps the employees from getting burnt out.
Increasing profit - Statistics show that employees that have high engagement levels are more likely to increase profits and sales. What better way to increase employee engagement but with a company outing?
Branding - Companies can definitely incorporate their products and services through outings. For example, companies that produce outdoor items can have cook-offs or even camping trips while sports companies can have their own mini Olympics.
If you are looking for a Boston company outing venue that has it all, come to Boston Conference Center. Our property has a capacity of over 300 people and we offer amenities such as a private sandy beach, full court basketball, state-of-the-art sound system, picnic tables, pavilion, and more. Browse through our gallery here on our website to see our facilities.